Asperger’s… What Does it Mean to Me?

If you only buy one book on Aspergers, let this be it.  It is an invaluable workbook which enables you to learn all about your child and your child to learn all about themselves, and what it means to have Aspergers Syndrome or High Functioning Autism.

It is well set out and separated into distinct sections. Each section has information for parents and teachers, and a section to be filled in by the child.

It covers a great many aspects of the child’s life, from styles of learning, schedules and routines, sensory sensitivites, their interests and talents, understanding people and friendships, hopes and fears, thoughts and feelings and much much more. It has simple multi-choice questions and places for your child to write their own answers, as well as easy to understand text for children, explaining many of the issues associated with Aspergers Syndrome.

You can sit down and work through it with your child. It allows you to tailor your child’s home and school life to enable your child to reach their full potential.


Bad Days for Thomas and his Friends

I found this story about Thomas the Tank Engine on an Autism Support Group Website Library List and I thought it was a nice story for an Aspie Child. It teaches all about railway safety and can be found here: Bad days for Thomas

All Cats have Asperger Syndrome by Kathy Hoopman

This a delightful book, intoroducing the reader to the mind of an Asperger child. It has beautiful glossy images of cats illustrating this essentially picture book, with captions giving an insight into the way an Aspie child sees the world. Heartily recommended.