Thoughts on Road Safety

I wanted to share the following as it resonated with me. It is an embroidery made by a Mum of a child with Aspergers. His excitement over finding a new licence plate caused him to run across the road without thinking.


Under the image the mother writes

” …so far he had found 17 different license plates.
…he said it was a new plate he hadn’t seen before
…his fixation caused a lack of thinking as he hurried across the street without looking
…luckily I was there to pull him aside
…he was right. It was a new license plate.
…and I was frazzled!”

My own son is so fixated on little things, often a leaf or a rock or even a friend, that he often runs out into the road without looking. Road safety is one of my greatest worries with him. When he does remember to look he doesn’t always look properly and often doesn’t see the whole picture. We are working on a visual board to help him learn, which I will share soon.

I have also discovered a game that you might want to share with your child (although play it yourself first to ensure it is suitable for your child):


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