Professor Simon Baron-Cohen’s AQ Test

Professor Simon Baron-Cohen is a leading Autism researcher at Cambridge University’s Autism Research Centre. He is a psychologist and has been researching Autism Spectrum Disorder for over 25 years. Together with his colleagues at the ARC he has developed the AQ or Autism-Spectrum Quotient test, which tests for Autistic or Aspergers traits in adults. Although if provides a reliable indication, as with any self-diagnosis it is only an indication, so please consult your healthcare professional for futher information or a formal diagnosis. The test can be found here.


About Lotti Kershaw
Lotti Kershaw has a long time love of all things tech, and works as a Digital Literacy tutor and Community Development Officer in the City of Casey. She loves drawing, podcasts and video game design, and lives with her techy family and two cats.

10 Responses to Professor Simon Baron-Cohen’s AQ Test

  1. Sandy says:

    Very much recommend taking this test. It has given me new insight in how Aspergers think.
    This test was also recommended by our school psychologist! My hubby scored high on the test, so we know he has Aspergers too, just like our son. But sadly I am just a mere Neurotypical (average) person ;o)

  2. Ness says:

    I just took the test and only scored 17…..hmm and I thought I was far more quirky that that! I am still sure my son’s AS comes from my side of the family. 🙂

  3. I scored 38 this time – 37 a couple of weeks ago so fairly consistent score for me. 4 other separate AS tests all point to the same conclusion I’m an Aspie 🙂

  4. Ness says:

    WOW I feel left out…..I felt I would do much better on the test…..I can even feel when I’m being quirky at times….oh well I will have to settle for just having an Aspie son……so will have to live vicariously through him. 😉

  5. jim says:

    My score was 36/80, makes sense to me. I grew up as an alien in the world I lived in, but I survived. If you are an Aspie, you understand that.

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