Bad Days for Thomas and his Friends

I found this story about Thomas the Tank Engine on an Autism Support Group Website Library List and I thought it was a nice story for an Aspie Child. It teaches all about railway safety and can be found here: Bad days for Thomas


About Lotti Kershaw | Tech, Video & Photography
Lotti Kershaw has a long time love of all things video and after completing a BSc degree in Media Technology in the UK, Lotti’s career path saw her work in broadcast television for a number of years, before starting her own business 4 years ago producing promotional videos and photography for businesses and real estate. She loves drawing and roller skating, and lives in Melbourne with her techy family and two cats.

2 Responses to Bad Days for Thomas and his Friends

  1. Sandy says:

    great story line! especially since we live close to a railway line!
    I think I’ll take it into school to show the teacher ;o) That way she can teach the kids in the class too ;o)

  2. Kidsplorers says:

    That’s a great idea. I thought it was really well done and a good way to teach the kids.Now i just need to find something similar on road safety.

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