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My son has been diagnosed with dysgraphia, which is a common symptom of Aspergers. He is just learning to write and it is causing him frustration as he gets to grips with the mechanics of writing. He has been using pencil grips and practicing a lot, but still his difficulty is evident. His writing is slowly getting better, but it may be at the expense of the content of what he is writing. As he grows up things may improve a little, but it may hamper his ability to write his assignments and express what he wants to say. The school psychologist has advised that we teach him to type, as he loves using the computer and that this may enable him to get his thoughts down on paper without being bogged down by the unwieldy mechanics of using pen and paper.

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Lotti Kershaw has a long time love of all things video and after completing a BSc degree in Media Technology in the UK, Lotti’s career path saw her work in broadcast television for a number of years, before starting her own business 4 years ago producing promotional videos and photography for businesses and real estate. She loves drawing and roller skating, and lives in Melbourne with her techy family and two cats.

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