Thinking Styles

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According to Dr. Temple Grandin, people with Autistic brains have one of three thinking styles: visual, pattern  or verbal logic.

This from the Easter Seals Website:

“Dr. Grandin feels that all minds on the autism spectrum are detail-oriented, but how they specialize varies. By questioning many people both on and off the spectrum, she has learned that there are three different types of specialized thinking, they are visual, music and math and verbal logic. A child who is a visual thinker loves art and building blocks. Teaching math to a child who is a visual thinker can be done more easily if the child has concrete objects they can touch. Patterns instead of pictures dominate the thinking processes of children who are music and math thinkers. A verbal logic-thinking child loves lists and number, often memorizing events in history. Since autism is so variable, there may be mixtures of the different types. The importance of understanding these three ways of thinking comes into play when trying to teach children with autism.”


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